Our story up to now has had Trevor and Sally Oliver at its heart for an impressive 44 years. Trevor and Sally first turned the key in the lock at The Cricketers in 1976. They quickly set about making Clavering home with their young family, a son, Jamie, and a daughter Anna-Marie. Trevor, an experiences chef having worked in London and Swizerland, began pioneering the reputation for fresh, quality pub food that now proceeds them; Sally taking the helm front of house. Now into their fifth decade Trevor and Sally are trusting the keys to Chestnut and heading off to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. 


Chestnut owns a collection of 12 pubs, inns and restaurants and with a huge passion for the region and its provenance, has a strong commitment to investing in its people and properties. The Cricketers perfectly represents the foundations and values that Chestnut likes to pride itself on.